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Estate planning services from Leetzow Tax & Accounting Professionals provides a highly effective means of preparing for the future, and for protecting and preserving the assets you have worked so hard to build.

This process ensures the efficient transfer of assets to your desired designees or beneficiaries while helping to legally reduce the tax burden on you and your heirs. Without a comprehensive wealth transfer plan in place, someone else may decide how to disburse your assets upon your passing.

Trusts, wills, powers of attorney and similar vehicles can help your beneficiaries avoid the lengthy and expensive probate process and preserve as much of your estate as possible to help protect your family’s future.

Personalized Estate Planning Services

We personalize our estate planning services to meet your wealth transfer needs, and propose customized solutions to help you achieve your goals. Whether you have a modest asset portfolio or significant accumulated wealth, you have worked hard to build your estate and we are committed to assisting you in its preservation.

Leetzow Tax & Accounting Professionals strongly recommends that our clients revisit their estate and wealth transfer plan annually to evaluate the degree to which unpredictable financial market conditions may require adjustment. This ongoing re-evaluation process is also necessary to address your changing goals and priorities, as well as any changes in your family structure.

Asset Protection & Estate Planning

To help you most effectively achieve your objectives, we offer the services of third-party associates to assist with the creation of wills, trusts and other legal documents necessary to facilitate the transfer of assets. Ensuring the legality of wealth transfer documentation helps to reduce any potential for disputes among your beneficiaries. Likewise, having a designated arms-length administrator, such as a trustee or executor, will ensure that your wishes are carried out as you stipulate.

Asset protection is a critical aspect of planning to ensure that your wealth is protected to the greatest degree legally possible. We can advise you and your heirs on proven asset and tax planning strategies designed to reduce tax liability as much as legally allowable.

Estate Administration

In addition to assisting clients with their estate planning needs, we also provide administration and estate resolution services upon a client’s passing. Working with trustees, executors and beneficiaries, we help facilitate the successful transfer of assets. In many cases, transferring of assets during the client’s lifetime can help heirs and beneficiaries avoid paying costly fees and estate taxes.

Finally, we encourage our clients to consider the possibility of disability when planning the devise of their estate. If your family relies on your income and assets — or if you have children who will need financial assistance with higher education — we can guide you in establishing comprehensive transfer vehicles to ensure their protection under unthinkable circumstances.

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